A naked female fan once barged into Steelo Zhao’s home

Yahoo News: Popular male idol Steelo Zhao once ran into a naked female fan waiting at home for him


Chinese artist Steelo Zhao, once part of the boy group “MIC”, is currently in Taiwan advertising his first solo album “Get Out”.
– Steelo Zhao sings, dances, composes, produces, and has been dubbed a “music imp” by the media
– His charming appearance has landed him many fans and according to interviews in Taiwan, has been single for two years
– “I like an elegant girl and don’t mind making a fan my girlfriend.”

Steelo Zhao ran into a wild declaration of love a few days ago.
– A female fan broke into his home in Beijing a few days ago and hung her clothes in his closet
– He only knew because he happened to glance at the surveillance cameras, and saw that the female fan was even taking a bubble bath in his tub, completely naked, waiting for him to come home
– The matter was resolved after his manager called the police

Title track from Steelo’s first solo album.

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  • nel

    This kind of stuff is honestly so scary, straight out of a horror movie