Shu Qi has crazy fun on Weibo

Weibo: Shu Qi’s Weibo

Shu Qi posted the following video on Weibo today, showing her have some crazy good fun:

Her caption was: Can’t stop taking my meds! [怒][怒][怒]

“Shu Qi is challenging us to a fight!”

“I think she’s so cute, this must be true love.”

“I feel dizzy through the screen…”

“I’m happy standing silently behind you, watching your happiness!”

“Can’t stop taking my meds! [怒][怒][怒]

“Goddess, you’re so beautiful! Don’t stop taking your meds!”

“You’re beautiful even when you’re like this. Oh my gosh.”

“Why do I suddenly want to unfollow her…”

“She’s still beautiful. I hope my goddess is happy. Happiness was worth waiting for!”

“She often does this on Instagram.”

“My goddess [doge]

“You look like a happy cat when you smile, I love seeing you happy.”

“Super pretty!”

“So fresh and ethereal, completely different from the trashy women out there.”

“Her beauty comes from that she’s still so stunning when she’s doing such a crazy move…”

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  • sleepyneve

    I didn’t expect a Shu Qi post. Thanks!

  • Heartless

    After married…