Tnetz imagine if “Train to Busan” traveled through New Taipei City

PTT: If “Train to Busan” happened in New Taipei City

The movie “Train to Busan” is really popular lately.

The plot is so touching! QAQ

What would happen if it occurred in New Taipei City (a city just outside of Taipei, formerly known as Taipei County)?

At least it wouldn’t move as slowly as the movie, right? o’_’o

“They won’t bite anyone.”

“There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony when the train starts.”

“Zombies will be too scared when they see the Eight Generals of God (religious representations often found in Taiwan) and will curl up in the corner until they self destruct.”

“Zombies won’t be able to find the mayor.”

“The mayor will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony.”

“The media won’t run any reports when something happens.”

“Zombies will have to wait half an hour on the platform.”

“The zombies will be able to surge forward only after the mayor holds a ribbon cutting ceremony.”

“Will there be ribbon cutting?”

“Eh? Do we even have train tracks?”

“Eh, we’ll just have an addition of zombies that know how to cut ribbons.”

“They’ll try to bite the mayor but won’t find anyone.”

“There will be a zombie holding a pair of scissors, running around trying to find someone to cut.”

“The Eight Heavenly Generals will cut them all the peaces.”

“The zombies will be publicly condemned because they didn’t let the elderly and pregnant to sit down.”

“The mayor will be on vacation…”

“Zombies won’t be able to find the tracks…”

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  • nel

    I cried watching Train To Busan 😂 The ending messed me up

    • Anne J

      watched this in theaters.. it was literally like a roller coaster ride from all the screaming – such a good movie 🙂 i almost cried