Liu Yifei makes surprise appearance at Yang Yang’s birthday celebration

QQ: Liu Yifei celebrates Yang Yan’s birthday, “Just One Smile is Very Alluring” leads all summer releases


“Just One Smile” broadcasted its final episode a few days ago, and Yang Yang also celebrated his 25th birthday in Beijing on Sep. 10.
– His management company gave him the present of a star named after his name, accompanied with an official certificate
– Since “Just One Smile is Very alluring” broadcasted on Yuku from Aug. 22, it has taken the number one spot for all summer dramas
– Its total broadcast volume has broken 8.8 billion times, propelling Yang Yang to the position of a popular male lead

Yang Yang changed into three outfits during the two hour long birthday celebration.
– He wore a black suit, a denim outfit, and a black jacket combination to spread his charm throughout the area
– When he was chatting about his movie “Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Flowers”, female lead Liu Yifei, the director, and producer made a surprise entrance
– All of them sang the birthday song together, making it a highlight of the evening

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  • july

    reading this again. I cant wait for their movie “once upon a time” in this summer