Tnetz debate whether Chicken Cutlet Girl or Tzuyu is prettier

PTT: Is Chicken Cutlet Girl or Tzuyu prettier?


cpoplove note about the other girl’s name: Taiwanese media/netizens like to name pretty/hot girls/guys according to what they’re associated with. Chicken Cutlet Girl is a pretty girl who was discovered when selling fried chicken cutlets. There are also popular entertainment figures known as Tofu Girl, Banana Guy, Butt Crack Girl, Ferrari mom, etc.

Hello all fatties and otakus

Chicken Cutlet Girl has won out in various otaku goddess competitions

But will she win when compared to the younger Tzuyu?

Is there any gossip about which one is prettier? o’_’o


screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-10-33-45-am screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-10-34-00-am screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-10-34-17-am

The above are pictures of Chicken Cutlet Girl.

“The one with the bigger boobs.”

“Is this seriously a contest?”

“Tzuyu beats the crap out of her.”

“My chicken cutlet…”

“The young one.”

“Tzuyu just barely wins, but Chicken Cutlet is damn hot too.”

“Chicken +1”

“Tzuyu is 17 years old.”

“There’s too much of a difference between their presence and elegance.”

“Tzuyu is a goddess, we can only look at her from afar. Chicken Cutlet…”

“Chicken Cutlet has no right to compete with Tzuyu.”

“I choose Tzuyu.”

“Chicken Cutlet of course!”

“Chicken Cutlet is only 23…”

“If Tzuyu had Chicken Cutlet’s body, she’d be invincible.”

“Tzuyu has a Korean face, of course we’d choose Chicken Cutlet.”

“Tzuyu’s innocent image seems to be going away…”

“Chicken Cutlet doesn’t love Taiwan, she only came back when she couldn’t do anything in China.”

“I feel like we’re comparing chicken legs or something here.”

“Tzuyu is like a younger sister, Chicken Cutlet is more wife material.”

“Although I have no feelings towards her, but probably Tzuyu. After all, she was a trainee for a long time and she works in South Korea now.”

“I’d marry Tzuyu, she’s beautiful and has a great personality. I’d probably choose Chicken Cutlet for a girlfriend.”

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  • nel

    Tzuyu looks better lol I swear people only hype up the chicken girl because of her boobs 😩