Lin Yun masters the art of acting with empty air

CQ News: Lin Yun acts up a storm with empty air in “L.O.R.D.”


As the premiere date of Sep. 30 nears, “L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties” is once again thrust into the spotlight.
– The movie uses 3D effects to bring a world of fantasy to life, and the actors/actresses use their tremendous skill to bedazzle the eyes
– Lin Yin’s role in the movie has surprised audiences by how much she’s improved, and she commented that, “Acting with the air was one of the most difficult challenges of this film”

Since “L.O.R.D.” was announced, the setting of using real people to portray animated figures has met with great criticism.
– Not only did this present an enormous challenge to the production team, but it also brought a large ask to the cast
– The cast had to act to the air in a place devoid of scenery, costumes, and props

Despite these difficulties, the most recently released trailers have shown that Lin Yun’s character possesses a harsh gaze in her eyes and a strong aura.
– The character’s domineering and lofty demeanor makes people forget her previous naiveté and gentleness
– She mentioned that she “really wasn’t used to it in the beginning, but got a lot better at it towards the end. A lot of it came down to imagination. Your weapon, flying through the air, and the cliffs in front of you were all in your mind. Your opponents were the air. I really thank the encouragement and help I received from director Guo Jingming. He let us expand on our creativity and gave us a lot of freedom to develop. I really thank him.”

Lin Yun also borrowed heavily from Fan Bingbing whilst on set, looking intently at the latter whenever she was filming, wanting to capture every nuance of her gestures and expressions.
– This has also been observed in other dramas and variety shows, where Lin Yun can be seen to noticeably be learning from other actors
– She takes the best characteristics from others and turns it into her own, denoting a very rare quality to be found in rookies
– She has now been given the title of one of the “four main actresses born in 1990”, and continues to delight audiences

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  • nel

    So excited about this movie!! It’s a first in China and the cast is 💯 also the lead is my fave lol

  • Heartless

    She is so great in Mermaid. Hope L.O.R.D will do well at the box office.