Cnetz apologize to Big Bang’s T.O.P. for saesangs

QQ: Chinese fans ring the doorbell to harass him, Big Bang’s T.O.P. says he will call the police


Big Bang’s T.O.P. posted on Instagram on Sep. 16 to warn fans not to bother him at home.

His Instagram post read:

Chinese fans, please don’t come disturb me at home anymore. My doorbell suddenly ringing in the middle of the night truly frightened me. My heart was going to explode. I’ve held it in for a very long time and will call the police if this persists.”

Many fans denounced these actions, with Chinese fans mentioned that they were ashamed of the actions of a few.
– They also clarified that not all Chinese fans were thus and hoped that TOP wouldn’t misunderstand

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+6,767] How dare he point fingers at only Chinese fans, I’m going to speak up in their defense! Everyone boycott Big Bang!

[+4,139] Haha, he’s slapping down China’s brainless face. He’s targeting all Chinese fans and not just Chinese saesangs.

[+3,747] Why do we even chase after celebrities in such a humiliating way…

[+3,552] Why are there so many brainless fans? Because of an equally brainless show called “Happy Camp!”

[+1,183] The Korean artist ban has made it so that you have no opportunities to perform in China and so you’re trying to remain relevant by posting stuff like this. I spit on you!

[+789] The Korean artist ban should target them! He knows the fans are Chinese just from the ring of the doorbell? You’re something alright, TOP!

[+552] I also want to say that this dude is so ugly, he has fans? Those people are blind!

[+522] The effects of the Korean artist ban are very apparent. Many Korean corporations have gone bankrupt and their entertainment industry has seen billions of won evaporate. Samsung has lost billions in their market cap, can you not see it clearly? We need to bank together and support this, not humiliate ourselves like the brainless fangirls

[+322] There’s something wrong with all the people cursing at him. Regardless of whose money he’s earning, wouldn’t you be afraid if someone rang your doorbell at night and caused a fuss?

[+191] Throwing away Chinese face

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  • nel

    Honestly Big Bang have tons of Korean sasaengs (tons of Japanese as well) that have been bothering them so yeah I do feel like warning off only the Chinese ones was kind of a dumb move considering how gigantic their Chinese fanbase is. If the Chinese sasaengs stop bothering you, you’ll still have to deal with others..

  • Heartless

    BB, time to say goodbye