Cnetz react to Kimi Qiao Renliang’s passing

QQ: Car stops in front of Qiao Renliang’s house, police maintain order


The above is a picture of a car from the undertaker driving to Qiao Renliang’s house.

[+17,303] I can’t accept this is true. How could someone who was perfectly fine be gone just like this!

[+13,648] This is too unbelievable, tell me this isn’t true! Although I wasn’t his fan, this is just too sudden! May he rest in peace! May the media and outside world not disturb!

[+9,721] I can’t believe this! Be well in heaven

[+6,441] I’m not someone to care about new celebrities, but I’m still shocked by his passing! Nothing is permanent in life, may he rest in peace!🕯️🕯️🕯️

[+5,280] Have we all got this wrong? I can’t believe this. I really like his movies and dramas. There’s a kind of bad boy evil to him.

[+3,124] Someone was even freaking live streaming this? Have a heart! The dead are the greatest, what’s the purpose of this? The streamer was one of those present? Why use the wounds of others to satisfy your little bit of ego? Shameless!!

[+2,110] He’s gone just like this. My heart really goes out. Those of us living must make the most out of every day.

[+1,292] I don’t want to believe this. I saw this news at 11 pm and couldn’t sleep even until now. My heart has an unspeakable sorrow to it. I just want him to come out and say that we got it wrong, that he’s fine and was just asleep. 🙏🙏🙏

[+1,092] I’m going to die crying.



QQ: “Days of Our Own” is still in theaters, but Qiao Renliang has left first

[+2,034] I don’t believe this! Why are people lying? I have goosebumps all over my body! I won’t believe this! I’m going crazy!

[+1,402] I really like him! This is too sudden, I can’t accept it!

[+1,282] I can’t believe this, I was just watching “Days of Our Own” this afternoon! I wish this is fake.

[+1,251] Keep fighting on good boy. I really like him. My best friend gave me a cup with his picture printed on it.

[+1,085] I wish this is fake. This is too scary, I really like him

[+1,026] I felt like he was an optimistic, good looking fellow. How could this have happened? I can’t believe it 😭😭😭

[+433] Although I’m not a fan, my feelings still won’t calm down! It feels like an actor I know very well has suddenly passed on. What a pity! Be well!

[+270] I can’t believe this and won’t accept it. The entertainment industry is such a source of evil. If he hadn’t gotten popular, maybe the tragic events of today wouldn’t have happened and he’d just be an ordinary person. *sob*

[+211] It’s such a pity if this is true, if this is fake then may all those involved die a horrible death. If it’s his company doing this, I’ll stop supporting him immediately!

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  • mic27

    omg :((

  • silvermaoh

    may he rest in peace
    it was sad to see how people were making his death the source of all sorts of rumors

  • nel

    Some of his fans’ comments made me feel so so so sad

  • We lit a digital candle in his memory. Light a candle for him, too, and share it for others to see

  • LostRambler

    I’m still in shock as I write this. I don’t think I’ve processed it yet so I can’t imagine what it would be like for his loved ones. He was honestly one of the major reasons I got into cdramas. I literally just watch never gone the other day and was talking about how I was looking forward to his other works.