Qiao Renliang passes away from committing suicide

ET Today: 28 year old Ren Qiaoliang’s death shocks fans!


28 year old Qiao “Kimi” Renliang committed suicide on Sep. 16 at home, shocking the nation with news of his death.
– He was greatly beloved and filmed many dramas and movies, with his period dress most beloved by audiences
– He was turning 29 in a month and his newest film has been in theaters for two weeks
– He has struggled with depression for many years
– His girlfriend discovered him at home with many wounds on his body, seeming to have passed on for a short period of time

Qiao Renliang used to be a Chinese high jump contestant and started off his entertainment career after winning a pageant held in 2005 by Hunan TV.
– He first started off as a singer and then switched his focus to theater
– His 2013 role in “Female Prime Minister” propelled him to fame in Taiwan, and his subsequent 2015 works with Huang Xiaoming and Joe Chen further heightened his popularity

Apart from TV dramas, Qiao Renliang was also very active on the big screen.
– He filmed 24 movies in eight years, and his movie with Zhao Liying, “Days of Our Own”, has only been in theaters for two weeks
– He also filmed “Never Gone” with Liu Yifei and Wu Yifan earlier this year, and “Stay With Me” is also awaiting broadcast

His management company commented:

“There are people leaving this world everyday in different ways. Since he is gone, let him rest well.”

Read cnetz reactions here.

Zhao Liying’s reaction.

Qiao Renliang honored at Golden Horse Awards.

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  • nel

    May he rest in piece

  • HL

    I am in shock!!!!

  • sleepyneve

    My god…rest in peace.

  • LCD

    He accomplished so much. It’s always sad to see any person leave this world as he but and so young. I pay that he has peace now.

  • Eddie Lim

    A successful life and career till he got depressed. With so much medical talent in China, it is a pity he could not be treated. Always make me wonder why people have to descend this terrible route when the World needs so much love, so much help.

    He is gone. Sigh.

    • Ann Marie Lyons

      EDDIE LIM I agree with all that you have blogged, as a lover of CHINESE dramas as well I was shocked to hear about his death and what makes it worse by suicide. last week I just finished looking at one of his pictures and only just now I realized that he died. I was just going to look at CUSTOMIZED HAPPINESS and they said that the leading actor had died and the rest is history.
      I loved seeing him in historical clothing though.
      Come on actors and actresses get your support MECHANISMS in place some of your colleagues need HELPPPPPPPPPPP!
      They put dramas and movies to make us at times happy, sad or also makes us look at things from another prospective.
      Condolence to his family, friends and to the DRAMA FAMILY.

  • Elisamehe

    R. I. P bro!

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