First trailer of Luhan in “Fighter of the Destiny” is revealed

Weibo: Sina Weibo


The first trailer of “Fighter of the Destiny” has premiered! Apart from a heart pounding plot, the trailer also revealed up for the wondrous world in which humans, spirits, and demons coexist together! [Luhan] ventures into the caves of dragons and dens of tigers time and time again and always emerge unharmed. The complex plot has started being revealed, did you get it?

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+1,800] All martial dao training comes down to training according to your will in the end. Let’s see how Luhan defies the heavens and changes his destiny!

[+206] I can’t wait! Full marks to the special effects and acting!

[+182] I think Coulee Nazha is rather pretty

[+116] It’s finally out! I can’t wait

[+74] Luhan looks good in period dress!

[+69] What the hell, there’s Yao Di [挖鼻] I’ll still watch it for Luhan though

[+48] This looks pretty good

[+47] So handsome! [色][色][色][色]

[+46] Who’s going to watch it with Coulee Nazha and Yao Di in it [doge]


Trailer above.

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