“The Mystic Nine” fizzles out in the second half of the drama?

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“The Mystic Nine” fills in the holes of history left by “Grave Robbers’ Chronicles” and thoroughly caters to grave robber fans. Popular idols William Chan, Lay, and Zhao Liying all formed the star studded cast, drawing in their fans and forming the foundation of the audience. With this foreword, this Sina editor feels like this drama halting at 9 billion views can only be viewed as a middling performance. As for its reputation, the middle and latter half of the drama was in a free, flowing style that resulted in a lot of criticism. It’s difficult to conclude that the script and pacing was excellent.


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+1,028] William Chan made the character of Master Zhang come alive. He lives and breathes so vibrantly. It’s problems with post production, increased scenes for minor characters, and lack of distinction between main and minor characters that interrupted the drama flow and whether or not this was a good drama. What was that random couple pairing! This wasn’t a historical romance. Master Zhang’s thoughts and heart encompasses the country. He sweated and bled for the people. Such a solid, upstanding character shouldn’t be encompassed by evil intentions.

[+810] But William Chan’s acting was truly wonderful! It’s gone deep into my heart~ Many, many people around me, political leaders, uncles, and fathers, even Olympic champions often talks bout Master Zhang~~ Although the editing makes us resigned, there are still many points of interest!

[+797] Lay’s acting skills are becoming better and better, I’ve been watching him all along [羞嗒嗒][羞嗒嗒][羞嗒嗒][羞嗒嗒]

[+525] [Lay’s] acting is still wonderful! There will be outtakes, we can look forward to it!

[+470] Dominating and decisive, courageous and heroic, a man who values his relationship, Zhang Fishing’s person makes me bow in front of him. William Chan completely fleshed out this character.

[+247] He was only words and phrases in a book. There was nothing else to him other than characters. It was you who brought Zhang Qishang to the audience and let his light shine as soon as he took the stage. Your light didn’t dim because of the scattered and random plot. You knew him so well and so you were in accordance and formed such a real, tangible Master Zhang. You’re well deserving of the title of a good actor, William Chan!

[+217] Indeed, Master Zhang’s image has been cemented in people’s hearts no matter what bystanders say and do on the sides. As long as Zhang Qishang exists in this world, Changsha will not fall, the Mystic Nine will not be destroyed! William Chan gave us a living and breathing Master Zhang!

[+166] I agree it was the fault of the editing and adding in filler material, but how can you say that William Chan’s Master Zhang had no skills to it? He doesn’t only have a poker face, but was a person of flesh and blood, of courage, shrewdness, and dependability. He thinks of the country, but is devoted to his lover. You can see that in all his scenes. Not every young, fresh meat has this kind of acting skills. To tar everything with such a broad brush isn’t fair.

[+164] There are many things that actors can’t control! William Chan did the character of Zhang Qishang well [好棒][好棒][好棒]

[+65] William Chan’s Master Zhang really spoke to my heart and can be called a classic [爱你][爱你][爱你]


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  • silvermaoh

    the problem with the second half was the censoring. So many scenes had to be edited out that it affected the flow and then we had that focus on supporting characters, probably to fill in screen time. Really sad.
    Anyways Zhao Liying and William Chan’s otp had great chemistry and kept the drama going for me.

  • Xiaoshu

    It will be better if drama only has 30 eps. The nearly 50 eps was really fill with so many unnecessary scenes. That make it boring. Anyway, WC acting really impress me and the OTP is super adorable. Lay still need to improve. He is not skilfull enough to play mature role.