SNH48 opens HunanTV’s Mid Autumn Festival Concert

163: The performance list for HunanTV’s Mid Autumn Festival Concert – SNH48, TFBoys, and Angie Chiu


HunanTV’s Mid Autumn Festival Concert took place in Changsha and was hosted by He Jiong and Joe Chen, with Angie Chiu and SNH48 opening in a joint performance.
– It was Joe Chen’s first event in Changsha, and the two traded lessons on how to offer holiday felicitations in a variety of Chinese dialects
– Joe Chen mentioned that she was “quite nervous” backstage


Apart from Joe Chen trying new things, Angie Chiu also gave a rare vocal performance as the opening act with SNH48.
– Angie Chiu opened with a stunning, floor length gown in which patterns were projected onto it, then changing out of her clothes in a split second to continue performing “Love and Passion” and “Waiting 1,000 years for Once”
– After the performance, Angie remarked that “it was like working with a bunch of daughters. I was very happy!”


Having been invited to perform in the HunanTV Mid Autumn Festival Concert three years in a row, TFBOYS became the center of attention when they took the stage.
– They performed two new songs and expressed their happiness in interviews backstage

SNH48’s performance with Angie Chiu.

TFBOYS performance during the Mid Autumn Festival Concert.

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