T.O.P. deletes IG post blasting Chinese netizens infringing on his home

Weibo: Sina Weibo


T.O.P. first edited his Instagram post censuring Chinese netizens and changed it to a picture of a bronze figure of King Sejeong, then added a line of, “I recommend Gwanghwamun for tourism, so beautiful”. This once again aroused much criticism from netizens. T.O.P. then silently deleted this Instagram post today, seemingly due to pressures from the outside world.


Cnetz comment below:

[+2,026] Then don’t come earn money and beg from your Chinese daddy

[+1,080] Don’t come earn money in China if you have it within you [微笑][微笑][微笑]

[+1,000] I really don’t like this kind of criticism that calls out someone’s nationality. If they’ve truly disturbed you, then call the police. But as a public figure, please be mindful of how you express yourself  [伤心]

[+912] I don’t want to criticize Koreans, just those Chinese fans who are kneeling there, waiting on them

[+637] Why is someone who’s almost 30 such a princess and so fake [笑cry][笑cry][笑cry]

[+401] What’s called an idol? He can bring you positive energy and is your role model. If someone has no manners, throws cigarette butts away, and looks down on his own fans, then why do you like him? [微笑]

[+399] Chinese fans, let’s stop talking. Raise our flag, bring our passports, and let’s go sing our national anthem

[+239] This makes you appear even lower [拜拜]

[+171] Does anyone need a boyfriend? Someone who looks clean and doesn’t throw away cigarette butts? I’ll come back later if no one wants me. I’m not just trying to get likes, I really don’t want to be single anymore!! I don’t smoke at all

[+156] Our janitors are really afraid of you throwing away your cigarette butts. I guess Koreans are all crude like this [微笑]

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