Cnetz apologize to Wang Baoqiang for boycotting his new film

QQ: Ma Rong is listed as producer for Wang Baoqiang’s new film, cnetz apologize to Wang Baoqiang and boycott the film


Wang Baoqiang’s self directed film in which he acts in, “Buddies in India”, was recently discovered by netizens that it listed Ma Rong as the producer.
– Being listed as producer means that if the film does well, the producer will also share in the dividends
– Many fans have said that they must apologize to Baoqiang this time and will be boycotting the film

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+23,512] Then let’s not watch it. This name won’t be present next time and will be a clean film. Baoqiang is young, there’s plenty of time to work hard

[+14,880] I won’t watch it, forever disdaining that Ma whore…

[+6,157] I choose not to watch it. I’m afraid of one day reading that this was all a fake ploy for media play

[+5,390] Won’t watch it, won’t watch it. Next time, next time. Even if your tickets are 500 RMB, I’ll still watch it! Because of that Ma whore, my stomach hurts from anger. I’m pissed just thinking about it

[+3,592] I’m supporting no one, as tough a life Wang Baoqiang has right now, he’s still richer than me

[+3,246] With all this mediaplay, there will be even more people watching it. I hope that the pirated version comes out soon so I won’t have to watch it in theaters. This means I’ll have watched the film but they won’t have box office sales 😁

[+2,385] Everyone boycott it, there’s no point in bolstering Ma Rong. Such a sophisticated, scheming bitch isn’t someone us poor people can come in contact with. Besides, she won’t even think much of our small amount of money!

[+1,440] We should still watch it. After all, Baoqiang has spent so much time and effort in it

[+858] What’s there to be sorry about. Someone who can’t even read has so much money and houses everywhere. If you think he’s pathetic that his wife betrayed him, we wouldn’t be able to earn this amount of money in several lifetimes. What’s there to be pathetic about? Who lacks for women when they have money? Stop putting up a front!

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  • nel

    Oh my god he directed it HIMSELF and they want to boycott it because his ex is one of the producers behind the movie? Where’s the fucking logic omfg she won’t get money but Baoqiang won’t either. Also why entirely dismiss a movie when it might be a good work? Dumb.