SNH48 Theater celebrates its third year anniversary with a Mid Autumn’s Festival concert

Qianlong: SNH48 Theater celebrates third year anniversary during Mid Autumn’s Festival


The SNH48 Theater in Shanghai celebrated its third year anniversary during the Mid Autumn’s Festival on Sep. 15.
– Since opening on Aug. 30, 2013, the SNH48 Theater has accompanied fans and the girls for more than 1,000 nights
– Girls from the S, N, H, and X teams all wore period dress and performed specially crafted Mid Autumn’s Festival themed programs, including ancient dances, songs, and short plays


SNH48 also introduced the first 14-16 year old idol girl group in the Chinese speaking community – “Color Girls” after the successful conclusion of its third General Election.
– This is a group formed by girls born after 2000 and Fei Qinguan, Xie Ni, Hong Peiyun, Chen Yin, and Sun Zhenni performed their new song “Color Girls”

Performance by Color Girls.


SNH48 Team XII also used the celebration to announce their new team leader Zhang Yi and deputy leader Liu Zengyan.
– The girls also announced during the celebration that they would be holding their second annual Fashion Awards on Nov. 5
– Sister groups BEJ48 and GNZ48 will also be displaying their charms at this event
– The event also marked the successful conclusion of BEJ48 and GNZ48’s three month recruitment drive that was held in Guangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu, and Shanghai
– The seventh generation of SNH48 officially debuted during the concert

It was also announced that SNH48 would be making it official debut onto the big screen
– Five of the Top16 selected during the third General Election would join the filming of “The Bitter and Sweet Youth”, with other members being involved as well after going through layers of tryouts and tests
– SNH48 will also be heavily involved in web dramas starting 2017, with individual or joint investment in more than 10 large scale web dramas every year
– The first of these dramas, “The Smile of the Netherlands”, will commence filming in October
– Three SNH48 members will form the leading cast and filming will take place in Holland and Shanghai

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