TFBOYS fans block train from operating due to celebrating Wang Junkai’s birthday

QQ: TFBOYS fans unfurl banners to celebrate Wang Junkai’s birthday, hindering train operations


On Sep. 16, five passengers ran throughout compartments putting up banners and posters wishing Wang Junkai a happy birthday.
– These passengers were part of the TFBOYS Guilin Fan Club
– Train employees asked them to stop after discovering their actions
– TFBOYS’ agency issued an officially announcement that this fan club was not an officially sanctioned fan club

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+6,157] These are all freaking idiots, have you ever celebrated your parents’ birthdays?! Do you even remember them?!

[+6,161] These are all stupid, brainless fans. Some even practiced dancing in 62 degrees heat. I think these brainless fans are more and more like idiots

[+3,225] I “liked” everyone  who cussed at these fans, finally feeling comfortable

[+2,991] The saying of young, fresh meat this year makes me think of a lyric that says, they all look like weak, fey weaklings

[+2,400] There’s no hope for these brainless fans

[+1,900] This isn’t doing good for your idol, but inviting hate for them. What the hell are you guys thinking of?

[+722] I don’t know why, but “The Little Tigers” were about their age then, but I still like listening to their songs now. However, I’m afraid of being laughed that I’m too childish when I listen to their songs..

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