Zhao Liying sobs uncontrollably for Kimi Qiao Renliang’s passing

QQ: Zhao Liying sobs uncontrollably when speaking of Qiao Renliang, requests everyone to respect the dead


Zhao Liying lost control when attending a filming on Sep. 19 and sobbed on the set.

[+48,6510] Who has time for Weibo when her good friend is gone? She’s busy grieving. Keep fighting Xiaogu! We’ll all be good

[+35,749] A true good friend wouldn’t speak publicly about this, at least not when they’ve just heard of this news. Who remembers to post on Weibo when they’re devastated?

[+21,922] Can one show they’re friends only when they make an online post? Kidnapping ethics like this is simply too harmful. They’re not saying anything because they’re grieving and devastated, trying to make themselves digest this sudden news!

[+17,795] I’ve always hated my friend circles updating on how sad they were after their loved ones had passed away. You still have the heart to post online when your family is gone and have the mindset to respond to each reply offering their condolences. I’d like to ask if you’re truly sad or feel that others really know what you’re going through?

[+12,386] Everyone leave people be. People know best if they’re sad or not, why follow your playbook? Hating on them just because they don’t follow your playbook, is there a need for that?

[+7,604] Remember, your heart is in your body and not online. Some people are just so perverted as to spend money on Father’s Day to take their fathers to KTV and sing the song “Father”

[+6,368] Everyone has different ways of expressing themselves. Us ordinary people all think it’s too much of a pity, much less than his friends!

[+5,746] That Zhao Liying cried in front of so many people means that she’s truly sad. I’ve never seen her so fragile before. I remember a touching scene in a variety show before that many people cried at, but Zhao Liying didn’t. She said she was too strong. To see her so sad today, to tho shatters, I say what can a Weibo post prove? You curse this and hate on that, can you create some good karma for yourself? When you’re hating on Joe Chen, it’s possible that she was beside herself with grief. Damn haters, the world would be a good place if it wasn’t for you.

[+5,204] Does one have to express their sadness to the world when an accident has happened to your good friend? We’re often silent when an accident has befallen our most loved ones. We don’t follow what’s hot to express our pain.

[+3,545] My father-in-law passed away from a car accident last month! I wasn’t in the mood to go online at all and didn’t update my status for half a month. Not all things have to be posted on Weibo to be true emotions! Those haters are simply too much!

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  • nel

    Is this a joke lol thousands of cnetz were ganging up on Kimi’s connections who hadn’t posted anything on weibo and now there’s all this fake/genuine grieving talk?

    • silvermaoh

      they were ganging up on ZLY too

    • mic27

      did it to joe chen and i think that’s why she even posted on her instagram.

  • silvermaoh

    It was really sad to see, the reporters were too much. How can they ask something like that? ZLY answered them but couldnt hold back on getting emotional. Rest in peace Kimi

  • nutella

    as if losing a friend wasn’t hard enough, cnetz were attacking some of Kimi’s friends including Zhao Liying 🙁