Andy Lau yells at security guards for pushing fans

QQ: Andy Lau loses his temper because security guards pushes fans

Andy Lau and Huang Xiaoming attended the global premiere of their new film, “Mission Milano” in Beijing on Sep. 21.
– Netizens shared a clip in which Andy Lau angrily yelled at security guards for pushing fans

The actors had been standing on stage preparing to pose for a group photo when Andy Lau suddenly seemed to catch sight of something below the stage.
– His facial expression immediately collapsed and he walked to the edge, yelling, “Don’t do that, stop!”
– Huang Xiaoming also walked next to Andy Lau in support

Andy Lau yelling at security guards to stop

Cnetz react below:

[+7,963] Andy Lau one hit KOS all those Korean idols

[+6.196] If anyone had pretended to be a fan and attacked Andy Lau, the security guards would’ve been blamed as well! The security guards are just doing their jobs. Besides, everyone knows how crazy fans are these days. It’s actually difficult being a security guard. Everyone will definitely compliment Andy Lau for protecting his fans, but how should the security guards act then?

[+2,063] The security guards are just maintaining order, you don’t have to do this!

[+1,829] Andy Lau is the king of the entertainment circle alright, damn awesome! Love you forever!

[+1,276] You know what’s a true man? He won’t let his parents go without no matter how poor he is, he won’t let his wife suffer no matter how bitter life is, he won’t turn his back on his brothers no matter what he does, and won’t let his children go to bed hungry not matter how hungry he is! What are men afraid of? Misunderstandings from his brothers, tears from his wife, aggrievement from his parents. One father, one mother, one group of brothers, one her, one baby, and one home. He lies down to smoke a cigarette if he’s tired, cries, hurt, or in pain. He takes a sip of alcohol and silently endures it. Life goes on. This is a man.

[+1,243] His management company has already set things up with the security guard company, this is just media play. However, Andy is truly great. He sings well and he acts well, no wonder he’s a king.

[+1,005] Idols from the 80s are the true king! Modern idols are like they’re factory produced. How many of them will be popular for 30 years? Supporting Andy Lau!

[+925] It’s the security guards’ fault if anything goes wrong, and then they’re held responsibly and another foreign child loses a job.

[+730] Andy Lau once again speaks up for fans after many years. How many know of his  actions during his concert all those years ago? Andy is as always!

[+405] This isn’t the first time that the king has done so… he’s fought the security guards before because of a conflict between fans and the guards. I can only silently feel for the guards…

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  • nel

    If they don’t care about fans getting pushed around, they’re ungrateful assholes, if they tell off bodyguards about it, they’re also ungrateful because being a bodyguard is hard and these poor men are just doing their job. You can’t win. Smh. But in MANY cases, the bodyguards aren’t ANY better than “crazy” fans. I’ve seen some gross shit. From bodyguards groping fans to manhandling them, to unnecessarily hurting/hitting them, throwing insults, etc. They’re not just doing their “job” if they’re being disgusting pricks..