Cnetz react to news of Brangelina’s divorce

QQ: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce, citing irreconcilable differences


[+5,562] Choosing Angelina Jolie after leaving Jennifer Aniston was the worst decision Brad Pitt has made in his life

[+40,45] Aniston says, so you have today as well!

[+3,896] A home wrecker and trash of a man has finally divorced. Their perverted destiny has finally come to an end.

[+2,456] It’s very common for celebrities to divorce. Do you not believe in love just because Pitt and Jolie divorce? Let me tell you something, as long as your mom and dad sleep on the same bed, you need to believe in love!

[+1,192] Is this also because of purchasing a house?

[+1,062] Pitt didn’t leave her when Jolie had breast cancer, but now divorces over how to educate their children. Heh.

[+671] The marriages of foreigners are always for two extremes. It’s either for sex or for true mental interaction and cultural flow. They’re more defined and extreme compared to the social status division impacts on marriage within China.

[+612] The start of every marriage should be filled with well wishes, the end of every marriage is filled with incredible regret…

[+387] Every marriage has a story behind it that no one knows. No bystander knows what really happened. Each family has their own issues. Outsiders shouldn’t wildly speculate

[+173] From this journalist’s article, it seems to me to that separated due to differences in opinion with regards to marriage views and education of their children, and not because they don’t love each other. There was no crying, no fighting, no tolerance (just avoiding the problem). There’s a lot more rational thought to it. This is very different from the couples within China

[+5] They already have 6 or 7 children together and have been together for at least 7, 8 years. They should have sorted out their differences in education opinion already, why a divorce? I really can’t think through it, there could be something else at play here

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  • nel

    It’s because of his substance abuse that she has struggled with before. I’m sorry for them if they think the father/mother of their children being a druggie isn’t worth divorcing over. I’m sure they’ve discussed it many times and she didn’t file for divorce without thinking it through. They were together for 12 years even though they got married only a little over 2 years ago