“I am a Singer” season 5 contestant list leaked, Hebe Tian and Angela Zhao to join

ETToday: Contestant list for “I am a Singer” season 5 leaked, Hebe and Angela Zhao to participate


“I am a Singer” is a reality music show originating from South Korean’s MBC channel.
– 500 live audience members vote for their favorite after 7 singers have performed, with rankings, voting, and outing singers occurring every episode
– New singers are added and a new element of outside challengers has been added lately
– However, contestants cannot leak news of their involvement beforehand, so fans have to wait until the TV station officially announces their participation

The fifth season should air in January, 2017, with Angela Zhao, Karen Mok, Hebe Tian, and Shaun Yong rumored to participate.
– It was rumored the 13th that Hebe Tian had already signed a contract, and that Karen Mok was close to signing one
– However, netizens pointed out that it’s been rumored every season that Hebe will participate, but the rumors have never come true

Please find season 5 coverage here.

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  • mic27

    omg i’m so excited for angela zhang. i hope that she gets to go on it. i don’t think hebe’s that good. i hope no more random korean singer in it

    • Vevoli

      Yeah. Even ordinary Korean singers like Hwang Chiyeul make top Chinese singers look so pathetic.

  • Steven Lu

    i hope della ding dang will participate 🙂