Chinese Running Man Season 5 to swap out Angelababy and Luhan for Wang Baoqiang and Ju Jingyi?

ZNDS: Cast list for Chinese Running Man Season 5 is revealed


There are rumors that Angelababy will be resigning from season 5 of Chinese Running Man due to her upcoming pregnancy, and Luhan resigning to film for “Sing! China” season 5.
– Rumors have been flying fiercely in the past couple of days that Angelababy is currently pregnant, and that Huang Xiaoming wishes her to rest for their baby
– Luhan asked Na Ying when she was on Running Man season 4 if they would have the chance to work together, with some speculating that the form of their partnership would take place in season 5 of “Sing! China”

It’s rumored that Wang Baoqiang will replace Luhan, with Ju Jingyi from SNH48 standing in for Angelababy.
– It’s also speculated that Victoria from f(x) or Taiwanese comedic artist Evonne Sie will replace Angelababy
– Guests to appear on different episodes through a 14 episode season are speculated to include JJ Lin, Zhao Wei, Show Lo, Yang Yang, Kim Jong Kook, Jackie Chan, Chen Bolin, Lin Gengxin, Zheng Jie, Lee Kwangsoo, amongst others



Cnetz weigh in below:

[+1,213] I also think it’s better if Evonne Sie replaces the female cast member

[+817] I don’t like Victoria or that 4,000 year old — fake!

[+813] Can we not have Ju Jingyi? I’m not watching if it’s her. Help! Switch to Joe Chen, Jia Ling, or Evonne Sie please!

[+681] Baoqiang’s strong comeback! Don’t go Luhan, and I don’t want Victoria

[+595] Baoqiang’s return will be good for ratings

[+474] I like Evonne Sie too. I think she lets loose and is funny. She’s a fun girl

[+334] Please switch to Jia Ling, Joe Chen, or Zhao Liying. I don’t want that 4,000 year old or Victoria

[+263] Can we not have Ju Jingyi? She’s not a 4,000 year old beauty even after plastic surgery!

[+146] I don’t like Victoria or Ju Jingyi! I like that the ladies on Runningman don’t have an idol burden on their shoulders!

[+129] I hope is Evonne Sia or Jia Ling, they’re funny, witty, and real!!!

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  • silvermaoh

    It seems Angelababy is indeed pregnant and if I were her I would take a break. No need to be doing this tbh.

  • thisco

    Tbh though I’m a big fan, luhan was pretty boring

  • nel

    Let’s hope luhan drops out before he becomes most famous for being on that show…. he gets too much exposure from it alone when he should be getting recognition trough his works

  • Xiaoshu

    I’m excited for Wang Baoqiang come back. Ask for the girl, I prefer the strong girl as the only one female member.

  • jolin

    dont change luhan i will not watch if ther is no luhan