Jing Boran quits Weibo due to sadness over Qiao Renliang?

QQ: Jing Boran posts goodbye and closes his Weibo, is he quitting Weibo?


Jing Boran suddenly posted a picture on the afternoon of Sep. 23 with the words of “Goodbye Weibo”, seeming to quit Weibo.
– In addition, he also disabled the discussion function of his Weibo and changed his Instagram to a private account a few days ago
– His actions have confused fans and given rise to much discussion

When Kimi Qiao Renliang passed away, many netizens asked why Jing Boran didn’t post anything on Weibo.
– He wrote a post the next day saying, “Devastated and can’t believe this. I still am unwilling to believe it, please respect him”
– He appeared at Qiao Renliang’s service and memorial on the 22nd in Shanghai
– The goodbye post was his second post since Qiao Renliang’s passing

The journalist reached out to Jing Boran’s manager and the manager expressed that, “Little Jing is alright”.
– Privatizing his Instagram had happened a few days ago, but he “didn’t know” if Jing Boran’s had been affected because of his friend’s passing

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  • silvermaoh

    It is probably due to the amount of hate that can be seen by some users. Just look at how some people were going after Joe Chen and Zhao Liying for not posting on weibo after their friend passed away. Some users were even telling them to die and getting a lot of upvotes, which is ridiculous. Also, Kimi got depressed after getting hate online.
    Probably for the best for Jing Boran. It is good to avoid negative environments and for celebrities social media can be a double edged sword