SpeXial’s Simon saves Puff Guo from a nasty fall during filming

Yahoo News: Puff Guo almost falls, Simon saves the beauty


Puff Guo and SpeXial’s Simon are currently the spokespersons for online game “Chronicles of Shushan Piaomiao” (cpoplove translation, we could not identify an official English name), with filming going deep into the night for the CF.
– The two strapped into their harnesses, with Simon particularly fearful as he once had the experience of the harness slipping off during filming and falling straight to the ground

Puff Guo was wearing 10cm high stilettos and almost crashed to the ground when they landed.
– Simon happened to grab her just before she fell

When asked about how they felt about working together, both responded that “it’s great! It’s really nice to work together with a good friend”.
– Puff Guo smiled that, “because I have two sets of clothing, I felt bad that Simon waited so long. He fell asleep at one point!”
– Simon immediately said that, “I didn’t sleep, I was just resting!”
– Puff also felt that her clothes bared just a bit too much skin

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