Vivian Hsu responds to husband being in NTD 4.3 billion debt

ET Today: Vivan Hsu’s husband in NTD 4.3 billion debt, posts a 330 character statement


Vivian Hsu gave birth to son Dalton in 2015 and has been proactively preparing a comeback to advertise her new book, but recent rumors have come to light that her Singaporean husband Li Yunfeng’s company is in a financial crisis.
– He has to return NTD 4.3 billion within one year, with netizens speculating that this is one of the reasons why she is coming back so quickly after giving birth
– In addition to shouldering to household expenses, Vivian also takes care of her elderly father, who needs to undergo dialysis three times a week

She posted a 330 character statement earlier this week indicating that she has always remained firmly planted on the ground since small and worked for herself.

Her statement is as follows:

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I’ve always used my own efforts since small to support my family through every day. Apart from having to stop working when I was pregnant due to lying on a bed, I still continued to work in the entertainment industry after marriage, a job that I love. A woman needs to have her own profession, her own accomplishments, and self acknowledgment. This kind of self reflection has never changed.

In my view that men and women are equal, I’ve never wanted to be a trophy wife. That’s not the dream I’m pursuing and not the standard in which I measure life by. Happiness does not equate luxurious clothes and rich food! My dreams are simple, and that are to meet a good husband who is serious about life, work, and family, building a family together, and moving forward bravely to face life. My happiness is that we are all healthy and safe.

It’s up to destiny whether two people meet, and the even rarer thing is that I’ve met someone who understands me, who I can trust, and who we can mutually support. We have respected each other’s careers and professionalism before and after marriage, and maintained an attitude of caring for each other. I’m very grateful for my husband and in-laws for supporting me all along this way, so that I have no pressure in doing what I liked to do~

  • EXOtic_Music Lover

    Wow her statement is so honest. I like her.