Zhao Liying sings theme song for “Rookie Agent Rouge”, couples up with Lu Yi

QQ: Zhao Liying’s MV for “Rookie Agent Rouge” is revealed, forms a couple with Lu Yi for the drama


“Rookie Agent Rouge”, a drama headlined by Zhao Liying, Lu Yi, Yuan Wenkang, Tao Xinran, and other popular actors/actresses, recently revealed the theme song for the drama, sung by Zhao Liying.
– The drama is filled with violent gun battles, explosions, and fights, yet the song itself is a slow ballad, as if portraying the love, friendship, ideals, and faith that a female agent experiences in a time of war.

It’s the third time that Zhao Liying is working with Lu Yi, but it’s their fast time acting as a couple.
– It’s said that they’re the “three high” couple: high visuals, highly torturing audience hearts, and high level of martial art skill
– The two even filmed a kiss scene the first day they started working together
– The biggest question of the MV is that, will the two end up together despite all the complicated interplay of their greater environment?

In addition to the romance lines within the drama, there are also many exciting scenes in which spies to outwit each other.
– Zhao Liying revealed before that her character Lan Yanzi is in charge of “burning up her brain” with  mental activity, and Lu Yi’s Zhou Yuhao has large amounts of action scenes
– Lu Yi smiled and said that, “everyone can see my potential for action scenes in this drama”

“Rookie Agent Rouge” is scheduled to start broadcast on September 27.

OST as sung by Zhao Liying

For more information about the drama, please check out dramapanda!

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  • nutella

    I really can’t wait for this drama, it looks really interesting. ZLY has really improved her singing over the years.

  • silvermaoh

    I am looking forward to this drama. Finally a ZLY drama this year, where she is actually the lead.