Gui Gui to release EP album “Gemma” in October

Yahoo News: Gui Gui to release her own EP, Sodagreen vocalist “Greeny” almost took his song back


Taiwanese artist Gui Gui will be releasing her EP “Gemma” on October 7, with one of her songs on the album almost taken back by composer Greeny, the lead vocalist of Sodagreen.
– Greeny wrote a lighthearted, fast song “Always” for her three years ago
– Although Gui Gui had the opportunity to be a signer then, her album wasn’t released and so the song just lay there
– Greeny almost took it back, wishing that she would bestow it on someone else
– Gui Gui was rather saddened then and kept begging Greeny to leave it with her
– She said that, “This song kept my dream of releasing an album alive”

The album name “Gemma” combines her past and present names.
– Gui Gui translates to “Ghost” in English, and her English name is Emma — the two make “Gemma”
– The new album connects the past and present Gui Gui and speaks of her story for the past 11 years

Since joining Korean agency CJ-E&M this year, Gui Gui has undergone three months of language, vocal, and dancing lessons.
– Apart from releasing “Gemma” in October, she will also be releasing a Korean single “Sugar Rush”, shedding her cute image for sexiness

Throughout the course of training, Gui Gui admitted that the most difficult class was the physiology class.
– The teacher wanted her to identify her thoracic diaphragm. It took her a week of breathing lessons to find out where it was
– The first time that she heard her own voice after recording the song, she burst out yelling in the recording room, “Oh my gosh, it sounds so bad!”
– She looked to her manager for comfort, but her manager said coldly, “It really doesn’t sound good”


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