Ouyang Nana looking shockingly skinny in latest Weibo post

Weibo: Ouyang Nana’s official Weibo


Her post reads:

It’s another beautiful, sunshiny day. #The new Chanel number five

Netizens react to her post:

[+457] Little girl, you should act according to your age [微笑]

[+258] What are you doing hanging around outside everyday and not going to school!

[+141] Nana is home schooling, thank you all for your concern [许愿]

[+62] This is hilarious. What do the actions of other people have to do with you guys? School isn’t the way for everyone. People have their own ways of living. Some people seriously stick their nose in too many affairs.

[+44] Nana, I want to hear you perform “Mother” again! [悲伤]

[+39] What business is it of yours? Is it your right to control other people’s jobs and dreams?

[+27] She’s not young anymore and will be of age soon. Compared to Vivian Hsu, Joey Wang, and Cecilia Chuang, she started her entertainment career at a young age

[+19] I don’t know what to say about Nana, I’m expressing it all in the emoticons [爱你][爱你][爱你][心][心][心][心][鲜花][鲜花]

[+17] Love your acting [爱你][爱你][爱你]

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