Zheng Shuang is finally seen with some more meat on her body

QQ: Zheng Shuang surrounded by fans as she films, reminds them to watch out for cars


Fans mobbed Zheng Shuang when she finished filming for the day in Xiamen.

Cnetz join in below:

[+1,737] Shuang girl’s beauty isn’t the overwhelmingly mesmerizing kind, it’s the approachable sort. I like Shuang girl and Liu Shishi the most out of all female celebrities. They’re calm but with a hint of stubbornness and refused to lose relevance. Go Shuang girl!

[+1,340] This this this!

[+1,328] I feel that Zheng Shuang is truly warm hearted. She’s a great girl

[+866] I really like Zheng Shuang, she’s elegant and has a good personality… good taste

[+601] You look better with more meat on you, you’re too skinny

[+498] I think she’s a great girl! Although her acting could improve, but she’s pretty and not fake, very warm

[+409] Little Shuang gave all of us a ninety degree bow when the elevator was leaving. There were many people and cars on the road, little Shuang reminded us to be careful of the cars! She purposefully walked slowly to let everyone take pictures of her and then had the staff distribute candy to everyone. Why doesn’t the journalist write about any of this? And, can’t you put any prettier pictures up? Although my Shuang looks good in every picture!

[+336] I feel so comfortable looking at Zheng Shuang. She doesn’t scheme and is so simple. I’m not her fan but I like her a lot!

[+177] I believe that Zheng Shuang is a kind, pure girl no matter what people say. I don’t care if she’s had plastic surgery, I like her from the bottom of her heart! But I have to say, she could improve her acting skills. I can see that she’s trying very hard, but there’s room to improve. I hope she continues to work hard and becomes a beautiful actress with true skill! If one always spends time leisurely, then your memories will be one devastating tragedy. I’m a college student and have my own shop online. I have around 10,000 RMB income each month and don’t need to take money from home. If you want, I can teach you. You can have nothing, but you can’t be nothing. Know that your brain is a daily necessity and not decoration.

[+54] I didn’t dislike her to begin with, but I suddenly hate her after seeing all her brainless fans

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  • hizurisama

    She’s pretty, but there’s something off about her, her face I guess? Her eyes are too big for her face and I don’t think V shape suit her :/

    • Ramyeon

      This is my preference, but I actually think it really suits her she just needs some weight on her because there’s no way being 92 lbs is healthy and she is literally skin and bones.