The three reasons why Victoria and Yang Yang broke up?

ET Today: Yang Yang and Victoria are avoiding each other? Insiders give three reasons for their break up


Yang Yang has skyrocketed to popularity this summer due to “Just One Smile is Very Alluring”. With this newfound popularity comes increased attention on previous rumors of a relationship with Victoria of f(x).
– Although Victoria posted on Weibo previously clarifying that she was single, “insiders” have stepped forward to reveal that the two was once in a relationship, but that they broke up for three main reasons

The two now seem to be avoiding each other, with insiders mailing an audio recording to Chinese media, indicating that they broke up due to issues over defining their relationship, fans, and money.
1) Victoria only signed a contract with Yang Yang’s management company through his introduction, but the two parties had differences in opinion over profit and CF split
2) Victoria desired a public relationships with blessings from fans, but Yang Yang’s manager felt that his career was on the uprise and that an open relationship would decrease the numbers of fans. The young couple fought over this matter and was one of the main reasons why they broke up
3) Fans on both sides started hate wars online, giving the two immense pressure

However, Victoria and Yang Yang have never admitted to their relationship, and Victoria announced on Weibo at the beginning of September that she was single, “no thank you to all media play and others sucking up to me”.
– She mentioned that lawyers would be taking legal action against those slandering her name, with Yang Yang’s company saying similar things as well

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  • silvermaoh

    wait so they are under the same company?

    • Shim Qian

      Just same manager. Vic is from SM.ent

  • nel

    This is extremely biased against Victoria LOL she’s always been super lowkey about her relationships before, why tf would she want to go public with a super popular teen heartthrob 😭😭 Not to mention the fact that it was always YangYang slipping up on social media etc but VICTORIA is the one desperate to go public? And she’d be expecting fan support even tho she had to deal with Cassiopeia before and definitely knows there’s nothing more unrealistic than that? Nonsense 😂 I bet his team are behind this bullshit. I hope karma hits them soon

    • Shim Qian

      Exactly, vic close her weibo account before because she didn’t want farwar between her fans and cassie (after spoon scandal). Now its really weird if she want open relationship when she know many people dislike her with yy.

      • Nel

        It doesn’t make any sense 😂

  • Shim Qian

    First changmin, then yang yang.
    Changmin >>>>> yang yang.
    Vic just choose non celeb next time, so you can date peacefully. y

  • Shim Qian

    From changmin to yy
    Changmin >>>> yy
    From body, look, personality
    Vic just date non celebrity next time, so you can date peacefully