Fan Bingbing still hated on after winning Best Actress at San Sebastian Film Festival

QQ: Still hated after winning an award, what’s wrong with Fan Bingbing’s acting skills?


Fan Bingbing is once again the topic of discussion in the entertainment industry, but not because of her appearance on the red carpet, relationship, or for her income.
– She took home the award for Best Actress at the San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain a few days ago for her role in “I am Not Madame Bovary”

She posted the above post on Weibo, celebrating her joy:

I was really nervous and very emotional when I stood on stage. The opening of the Film Festival coincided with my birthday, I made a wish of winning Best Actress, who knew I would receive such a large present during the Film Festival. Thank you to the director, [fellow cast members], and 28 wonderfully talented male actors. Thank you all those behind the scenes and the friends who have always supported me. I must thank my Mr. Li at the end, I want to share this award with all those I love!

She placed great emphasis on this award and posted several more Weibo posts thanking the staff and her friends.
– However, despite a general outpouring of affection and well wishes from her fans, notable postings from anti fans also stood out
– Many thought that she didn’t deserve this award

In most audience minds, Fan Bingbing is synonymous with a flop at the box office.
– Brainless, pretty roles of Wu Zetian and Concubine Yang come to mind when her name is mentioned
– The roles that she typically takes on can be categorized into three types: 1) Pretty, scheming female leads, 2) Young, clueless girls, and 3) Comedic roles
– As someone who didn’t graduate from acting school, her acting is often criticized as unnatural and that her person is too heavily commercialized

Cnets weigh in below:

[+2,504] I’ve always hated her. She skyrocketed to fame after Jin Suo in “My Fair Princess”, but I have no idea why. Her acting is too ordinary and she looks so plain. The media says she’s so pretty — they have no eye for beauty at all. She’s only popular thanks to scandals and dating rumors

[+2,474] I feel that she has no acting skills. She seems like she’s acting herself no matter what she’s doing. No matter what role it is, I feel like it’s Fan Bingbing and not the character in the movie. There’s a reason for all the hate. This film was a crap movie and there was still all this media play for it. Movies and works speak for actors, and not by using gossip to increase their popularity. It gets old after a while. Why isn’t Zhou Xun hated on, for instance?

[+1,981] Men hate Fan Bingbing because they can’t get her and want to destroy what they can’t have. Women hate her because they’re jealous and hate her.

[+1,456] The saying goes that one person’s improvement doesn’t mean they’re better than someone else, but that she’s better than her past self. She’s improved, and so everyone should applaud her!

[+1,369] Some say others ignore her acting skills because she’s too pretty. That’s bullshit! There are many who were once vibrant in the entertainment circles like Brigitte Lin, Maggie Cheung, Cherie Chung, Joey Wong, and Irene Wan. They’re all pretty! Even those who appear often now like Li Bingbing, Ruby Lin, Zhou Xin, Song Jia — who isn’t pretty? Does anyone dare say Fan Bingbing ranks first out of all of them? The second group’s acting skills are all better than Fan Bingbing’s. Her acting skills were good when she was Jin Suo, but she doesn’t want to act well at all after she’s gotten popular. She just wants to media play and film “great works” to prove that she’s pretty. She spends her own money to walk down the red carpet and accept some awards oversees to gild herself. Her final goal is to raise her price and earn money, money, money. I won’t argue if you say she’s a successful business person, but I’ll say you’re blind if you say her acting skills are good.

[+891] Of all the Chinese actresses who have received awards thus far, only three are true platinum: Gong Li, Maggie Cheung, and Zhang Ziyi. The rest are crap

[+598] Hate isn’t accumulated in just one day. Filming crap movies to earn money, not working on acting skills at all, playing up dating rumors, making a name for herself the red carpet, and those damaging rumors about her private life that have yet to be proven. Poor criticism can’t be changed by an actress in which no one acknowledges. Film with more sincerity if you want to change your reputation

[+515] I don’t dislike her, but I don’t like her either. Many of my friends often say that she look weird in a movie. Her expression looks super fake and it doesn’t feel like she’s part of her character. I almost wanted to laugh when I heard that her acting skills are good.

[+439] It seems like every time someone says Fan Bingbing is a poor actress, someone else says why don’t you try if you’re such a good actor? Your acting skills aren’t better than her? That’s hilarious. Is she the actress or am I the actress?

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  • silvermaoh

    I like Fan BangBing and I thought her winning this award was weird. But I don’t find her as bad of an actress as people say. Anyways congrats Fan BingBing.

  • nel

    She’ll always get hate and that will always show how big and relevant she is. I was genuinely shocked when I watched one of her movies for the first time because I expected her to deliver a mediocre performance based on all the negative feedback/straight up hate she gets because she’s definitely decent and even GOOD at times. She really doesn’t deserve this much slander when it comes to acting but at least now I know it all has to do with her high profile status rather than her actual skills. What a Queen!