Li Bingbing is stunning in a vintage pictorial

QQ: Li Bingbing is vintage themed again, a feast for the eyes


Li Bingbing graces the cover of L’Officiel’s October cover and tried out a new, gender neutral concept with a mid part.

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Cnetz comment below:

[+1,485] She’s had so much plastic surgery! Why does no one see it?

[+768] I really like her, she’s so beautiful. I hope she and Li Chen are happy forever…

[+731] Li Bingbing has acting skills, but Zhou Xun was the better actress in “The Message”

[+495] Her plastic surgery is so obvious, why does the media never report on it? Heh heh

[+445] In all these years, Li Bingbing has never had a scandal or media played. She’s done it all herself. I think she’s great

[+342] She looks more and more like Zhen Li!

[+339] Fan Bingbing is prettier, she’s also more photogenic

[+260] She has the same expression in all the photos…

[+169] It doesn’t seem like she’s Li Bingbing, she seems like someone else

[+139] The pictures are beautiful, but there’s too much plastic surgery in them. She looks like someone who plots and schemes a lot. I can’t seem to like her


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