Actors/actresses receiving hate because they were too good

QQ: This type of treatment because they were too good at acting

cpoplove has picked a few of the most well known names to share below.


Netizens recently shared a Weibo post in that, “I bumped into Teacher Li on the bus and gave her my seat. Teacher Li was quite nice and didn’t have pins and needles on her.”
– The original poster had bumped into Li Mingqi, who plays the character of wet nurse Rong in “My Fair Princess”
– Many netizens also joked back that “she’ll stab you with a needle if you don’t give her your seat”
– Li Mingqi became a name on everyone’s lips because of “My Fair Princess”, and audience members who became too vested into the drama actually threw eggs at her in real life, or refused to let her take the bus
– Children beneath the stage of a variety show once even mobbed her during filming


Due to Nikita Mao’s stunning performance as the villain in the “Prince of Lan Ling”, netizens all hated her and the topic of “Nikita Mao get out of the entertainment circle” became a trending topic at one point.
– Netizens gave her the title “heir to wet nurse Rong” and attacked her parents online
– Shawn Wei, who plays Han Xiaodong in the drama, also shared that relatives called him to say that she was too disgusting, and that he mustn’t date her at any cost


To act in “Red Sorghum” is a great honor for many actor, but Cao Zheng feels both honored and pained.
– Because of his role as the ultimate villain within the drama, the cast and staff joked that he was the “ultimate, despicable person”
– He even fully immersed himself into a vicious, insidious mood out of the drama in order to fully depict this character, but this made many colleagues mistakenly think that this was his true self


Many celebrities who become popular after a drama are mobbed with requests for autographs and photos on the streets, but those who act as villains are not so.
– Jiang Sing became greatly popular after “Empresses in the Palace”, but very few people came to ask her for photographs or signatures, always choosing to sneak photos from the side
– Some staff members of variety shows didn’t even dare speak to her after filming had just concluded, “probably because I would beat them to death”, Jiang Sing laughed at herself

Cnetz weigh in below: 

[+11,202] I didn’t dare watch “Don’t Talk to Strangers” because I was really afraid of Feng Yuanzheng. I thought he was a pervert and was too deep into the drama. Wet nurse Rong, Wang Lin as Aunt Xue… all acted too well and caused the audience to be too deeply into the drama

[+9,943] The hell, the childhood scars of Feng Yuanzheng’s domestic abuse are something I’ve never been able to shake off!

[+6,376] I really don’t understand why there are so many brainless people! It’s an act and doesn’t mean that someone is like that. Why attack them and even their parents and relatives? Do they have any morals to them at all?

[+3,119] It’s all due to world class acting skills! I’d rather see these villains on the screen than silly, empty airheads. There are so many with good acting skills and no scandals. Their works speak for themselves! Those airheads in contrast just media play day after day!

[+2,645] Whenever I watch Feng Yuanzheng act in other characters, I’ll always think of him in “Don’t Talk to Strangers”. I still thought he was a villain whenever he played being a good guy. Am I too vested in the drama? His acting is simply too great.

[+1,615] Feng Yuangzheng is too good and become a shadow over the audience… Jiang Sing’s Concubine Hua is really not that hatable. I think anyone with a brain can see how cute she is and worthy of respect! My respect to all actors who play the anti-heroes, because without you, it wouldn’t set off how wonderful other people are. Thank you for your silent efforts!! I love Jiang Sing!

[+1,287] Their acting skills are no joke, I feel my gums itch with hate when I see them! But these fans are also quite funny! They can’t determine what’s an act and what’s not!

[+1,001] Do they not understand what’s acting? Everyone’s willing to believe that those who act as a St. Mary character who’s super perfect is like that in real life as well. But little do they know, those who usually act as the good guy are never any good.

[+656] I don’t understand. Becoming whatever they act means they have good acting skills. Drama is drama, real life is real life. Why are they being mixed up? According to this logic, whoever plays a good guy is a good guy? Huang Haibo bought hookers, Ko Chentung and Jaycee Chan are druggies, and Park Yoochun in Korea as well. They all act as good guys and have positive images. How childish to tie an on screen image to real life.

[+393] They make such an impression acting as a bad guy means that their acting skills have reached a peak, here’s a like for them! 👍 It’s because of their wondrous acting skills that makes people think they are that bad in real life as well.

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  • silvermaoh

    [+6,376] I really don’t understand why there are so many brainless people! It’s an act and doesn’t mean that someone is like that. Why attack them and even their parents and relatives? Do they have any morals to them at all?
    ^ seriously
    Jiang Sing was so evil in Empress in the Palace then I saw her in Journey of the Flower where she was semi evil. She is a good actress.