Cnetz stunned by Cindy Wang’s current face

QQ: Cindy makes silly faces, her face looks silly as well


[+9,450] So scary! Is this still the cute goddess? So frightening! Plastic surgery is a bottomless pit…

[+7,448] She doesn’t have hands in the last picture?

[+3,180] So scary

[+2,640] I’ve always thought she wasn’t pretty, but her face looks even more ridiculous now

[+2,141] What the hell, where did her hand go in the last picture?

[+1,969] Why does she kinda look like Wowkie Zhang?

[+1,265] Just how did they take these pictures…

[+689] She looks like a ghost now and keeps insisting that she didn’t get plastic surgery

[+598] How come she’s getting uglier and uglier? I used to think she was quite pretty and cute, but her face looks so scary now

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  • nel


  • EXOtic_Music Lover

    Aigoo! Too many people ruined their face with ps. Just do it moderately, everything that is too much is bad.

  • hizurisama

    the chin implant/filler is so obvious :/
    she was already pretty, too bad with the ps

  • mic27

    omg side profile close up ..