Gigi’s husband makes a surprise appearance on stage during concert

QQ: Husband gives her an ultimate surprise during her performance


Gigi is touring for the first time in 5 years and kicked off the first leg of her tour in Shenzhen on Sep. 30.
– Gigi’s mother, husband Sergio, daughter Sofia, and good friend Valen Hsu were all present in support
– In order to present her best side for fans, Gigi started controlling her diet a month ago and lost 10 kg
– She expressed that she felt stressed out before to ensure that she lost enough weight, but it was a good thing that she reached her target
– Valen Hsu even watched her run through and gave her tips on where to improve

One of the highlights of the concert was a movie clip of Sergio and Sofia, in addition to Sergio making a surprise appearance on stage.
– He hid in a cake to give Gigi an ultimate surprise, and they kissed four times on stage
– Sofia was awake throughout the entire concert and danced as her mom sang on stage
– When Gigi concluded the concert, her concern wasn’t to hug her family, but to rush her daughter off to bed

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