Gui Gui and Taecyon reunited during their comeback stages

Sohu: TaecGui couple reunited, Gui Gui makes appearances on many shows, becoming an up and coming idol


Emma Gui Gui’s first EP “GEMMA” is about to drop in October, with her first title track “Sugar Rush” already released.
– She’s been hard at work in Korea, appearing on Sep. 28’s Show Champion and Sep. 29’s M! Countdown

Gui Gui joined Korean agency CJ E&M in April of this year and has been training diligently ever since.
– Her appearance on Show Champion on Sep. 28 was her first public appearance in a long time, and she showed off her newly toned body and sexy image
– She will be making more appearances on music shows, making her an up and coming idol in Korea

Gui Gui bumped into Taecyon on M! Countdown as 2pm was also having a comeback stage.
– The TaecGui couple was reunited for the first time in three years and “Global We Got Married” PD took the picture above for them

Gui Gui will be turning her attentions to Taiwan and China after concluding her promotions in Korea.

Gui Gui on M! Countdown

Chinese version of Sugar Rush (MV).

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  • hizurisama

    deep in my fangirl’s heart, i kinda wish they would get in touch. be serious, and probably consider a relationship lolol. Taecgui was epic