The new era of fans as seen through SNH48’s win at Fresh Asia Music

Sina: Judging the new era of fans as seen through the Fresh Asia Music awards


SNH48 won the award for “Best Group of the Year” at the 2016 Fresh Asia music awards on September 27.
– The event was held in Beijing, and the award presented by the CEO of Baidu music

The Fresh Asia music awards also denotes the develop of fan culture through the years.
– It first started with a fan culture built around Japanese and Korean idols in the eighties and nineties, and slowly taking shape as supporting local idols
– In these modern days, having an online presence is incredibly important to cultivate a strong fan base
– This is particularly illustrated by the strong showing of online music personalities at the Fresh Asia music awards

SNH48’s performance during the Fresh Asia music awards.

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  • nel

    Glad China is developing their own music industry

  • hizurisama

    as much as I like them, the fact they backstabbed akb brand kinda irks me a little bit