Chinese Running Man’s production crew snipes back at Ju Jingyi

QQ: Angelababy to be replaced by Ju Jingyi? Production team angrily denounces the mediaplay


Since a copy of the season five cast for China’s Running Man was leaked online, it’s been heavily rumored that Angelababy will be replaced by Ju Jingyi.
– The PD of the show posted on Weibo on Sep. 4 denying these rumors

To the multiple malicious mediaplay of a certain four thousand year beauty, I only say this, “Thank you, good bye, let’s not meet again!”

Ju Jingyi posted on her Weibo shortly thereafter, “Black face with lines running down it!”
– Indicating that she has nothing to do with the mediaplay

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+2,803] I’m not watching if it’s really her. Evonne Sie is so much better

[+2,645] Of those who can replace Angelababy, I think Jia Ling is very suitable

[+1,112] Jia Ling or Bai Baihe, pick one

[+886] It’s a good thing she’s not the one or I wouldn’t watch the show anymore

[+559] Song Jia! Has everyone forgotten that Song Jia is also a woman who will do whatever needs to be done? She’s been on Running Man once and I really felt that she’s a great girl, a great actress who acts well and doesn’t mediaplay!

[+425] I rather hope it’s Guan Xiaotong

[+419] So the saying goes that one becomes a despicable turtle after ten thousand years. 4,000 years is still 60% off from the experience needed to become a turtle, good luck!

[+298] I saw a picture of 4,000 years before plastic surgery, that was seriously ugly. She was worse than a random person off the street…

[+187] Why did she wait so long to clear things up? Was it because of those pictures of her with celebrity disease when she sat on the luggage carts in the airport?

[+171] Why is she a rare beauty who comes around once in 4,000 years? There are so many beautiful stars, although she’s pretty, but not to the point of once in 4,000 years! such an exaggeration!

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  • Xiaoshu

    I hope Zhang Tian Ai

    • mic27

      o i think she would be good too

  • EXOtic_Music Lover

    The PD must be pissed. How come Angelababy will going to be replaced by someone he don’t know nor he even meet personally. lol