Dee Hsu’s sense of fashion confuses at Paris fashion show

QQ: Dee Hsu shows up looking like a clown, forgive me for not understanding fashion


At a recent fashion show in Paris for 2017 S/S, Dee Hsu showed up in an outfit that mystified many present.


Cnetz react below: 

[+4,621] Clown

[+4,169] So ugly

[+1,533] Even though she’s ugly, she’s still prettier than Liu Xuan (Olympic gymnast) and Zhang Xinyu (Chinese actress/model)

[+1,408] Because she’s short and ordinary looking, she has to act out to get any attention

[1,256] Was she so ugly that she cried?

[+811] She’s already horrible at putting on making, now add this to the mix? So freaking ugly!

[+516] She’s a pale version of the Queen of Hearts 😂

[+336] So ugly 😔

[+259] She genuinely thinks she’s pretty without makeup on, so often posts pictures of her bare face on Weibo…

[+201] She looks fine, why is everyone attacking her?

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  • silvermaoh

    her outfit and makeup are unflattering, she usually looks much better imo

  • Gabbar Singh

    the outfit reminds me of a cotton ball
    oh gosh….. those heels