Zhang Han celebrates his birthday sweetly with Coulee Nazha

QQ: Zhang Han receives sweet birthday wishes from Coulee Nazha, they share nine sweet photos


Chinese singer, actor, and host Zhang Han is most known for his work “Boss & Me” with Zhao Liying and won the Asian Star Award at the Seoul International Drama Awards and the Most Popular TV Actor on the Internet at 2014 iQIYI Night.

He dated Zheng Shuang in 2013, with the couple breaking up in 2014, but netizens denounced Coulee Nazha for intervening in their relationship.

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+10,111] These two match really well, their kids will be beautiful

[+7,473] Why do so many people hate on her? Is it because they’re jealous or envious or what? Is it men hating or women hating?

[+5,958] They really match, their bodies are both really fit and in good shape

[+4,007] These haters, what will it take for them to stop? It’s normal for people to break up when in a relationship, and equally normally for them to find someone else after they’ve broken up. It’s not like you had an affair during marriage, or broke up after the woman got pregnant. Ai, you say they’re disgusting if someone shows off they’re in love, but if they don’t like Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin, you then say they’re not in love

[+3,520] To be honest, who doesn’t have a past? Who says two parties must get married just because they get married? How many people meet someone they can get married to in their lives? They’re both young and I feel that they have the right to choose who they want to love. We’re just bystanders. Good or bad, that’s all someone else’s business and nothing to do with us. They have their own lives…

[+2,999] He used to say thank you to my little goddess before, now it’s thank you to my little monkey!

[+456] Your happiness is built off of Zheng Shuang’s pain, what is there to show off? Who doesn’t know what the two of you have been up to?

[+120] Dear Shuang is going to faint from crying in the restroom…

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  • silvermaoh

    honestly they need to move on, let this couple be happy.