Jiang Dunhao wins “Sing! China”, mentored by Wang Feng

QQ: Jiang Dunhao takes the crown at “Sing! China”, Wang Feng becomes the mentor of a champion


The annual finals of “Sing! China” were broadcast live from the Beijing on Oct. 7.
– Xiang Yang from Jay Chou’s team, Wang Chenrui and Li Peiling from Na Ying’s team, Jiang Dunhao and Ge Yang from Wang Feng’s team, and Yang Mei Na from Harlem Yu’s team showcased their talents in the stadium in the final showoff
– Jiang Dunhao was the final victor and Wang Feng finally became the mentor of a winner for the first time in three years

The finals were split into three segments, with the first a duet with their mentor, and the second and third segments showcasing their own talents.

Mentor and contestant performance of Wang Feng and his contestants.

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+2,926] 81 judges casted 92 votes. Please.

[+2,485] Wang Chenrui was still the best. Her live was amazing! Wang Chenrui is the champion in my heart, it’s a pity she lost to luck

[+2,143] My math is poor, but wasn’t it 81? Don’t lie to me…

[+1,547] The person who sings the worst in each season is the winner. I’m never watching this again

[+1,268] To be honest, not that many accept that he was the champion. He did sing well, but his singing was rather boring today, particularly his last song

[+1,028] I fast forwarded when I saw Xiang Yang. All the rest are fine and they’re strong as well. My personal opinions don’t represent the whole.

[+908] Such poor singing is number one…

[+848] Folk songs again. It was folk songs last year and now this year. Disgusting

[+846] What a pity, Jay!


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