Sun Li criticized for not donating to charity event that many celebrities donated to

QQ: Sun Li hated on for not donating, the ten year old story that no one knows


The 2016 Bazaar Charity Night concluded successfully last month, with its official Weibo announcing that it had raised 75 million RMB.
– However, it also made public the list of celebrity attendees and amounts that they had donated
– This made netizens realize that many celebrities had attended without donating anything, with Sun Li becoming one of the primary targets of attack

Sun Li usually doesn’t respond to charities due to an incident that happened to her 10 years ago, when she was just starting to become popular.
– She met a poor student called Zhang Haiqin through a variety show and she started sponsoring all the student’s expenses since then
– When the student failed failed out of the college entrance exams, Sun Li paid for the student’s re-education
– When Zhang Haiqin made it into a college in Shanghai in 2005, Sun Li even went to the train station to take the student to school and help her settle in her dormitories
– Sun Li then gave the student a monthly 500 RMB allowance and said that the student could reach out to her at any time if she needed more money

However, Zhang Haiqin actually already received a monthly 300 RMB stipend from the school and 1,000 RMB every semester set aside for poor students.
– She even received a 6,000 RMB scholarship when she started school, but never told Sun Li any of this and kept asking her for money
– Sun Li finally decided to stop sponsoring the student in 2006 and the student told the media that Sun Li was very selfish and materialistic instead
– This caused Sun Li to receive a lot of hate and greatly damaged her reputation at that time

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+22,207] It’s money she earned herself. She has the right to decide how to use it and it’s not our place to point fingers at her

[+13,503] Only Deng Chao needs to donate for their family!

[+12,130] Isn’t the same if her husband donated? It’s just having a name up there on the screen, is there a point to fighting over whether or not this matters?

[+10,165] Mandatory donations are evil more shameless, and publicly announcing names and amounts to boot. What’s the point of that 😡

[+8,915] Some people are just this greedy and shouldn’t be helped. Colleges give a lot of financial aid now. Sun Li is someone with a great heart

[+5,158] Hearts are made of flesh and blood. Someone helped you, but you treated them like thus. I need to consider before donating as well too

[+2,161] Zhang Ziyi donated almost 900,000 RMB in 2008 but was tarred in the media for not donating another 100,000! The charity organization even gave Zhang Ziyi the title of “charity fraud”! Do you think Zhang Ziyi needed that 100K? How many hundreds of thousands has she donated lately? Her career was almost ruined over this! This is what the so-called charity organizations do!

[+4,362] Although I don’t like Sun Li as much as before and feel that she’s more and more like a man, but it’s like she donated when Deng Chao did, no? A married couple shares their wealth. It’s not too hard to write in “couple” after Deng Chao’s name!

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