Wang Junkai is charming on the streets of NYC

Weibo: Wang Junkai’s NYC – Great Wall trip


Wang Junkai of TFBOYS recently undertook a photoshoot in New York City wearing YSL and winning hearts with his long legs.


Cnetz weigh in below: 

[+1,717] What a cute big boy, a walking clothes hanger [好喜欢][好喜欢][好喜欢][好喜欢]

[+1,260] Wang Junkai is simply too good looking. He’s a walking clothes hanger [心][心][心][心]

[+722] This random fan says that Wang Junkai really looks good in these clothes [二哈]

[+520] Oh my gosh!! So damn good looking!!!

[+251] Looking good! 🤗

[+181] What can I say??? Apart from handsome, I don’t know what else to say!!!

[+99] Ahhhhhhh Junkaiiiiiiiiiii you look so goooooooooooood

[+84] Our little brother Wang Junkai is too handsome! [羞嗒嗒][羞嗒嗒][羞嗒嗒] Have a successful trip in New York! [亲亲][亲亲][亲亲]

[+72] Hubby Junkai is so good looking that I can’t breath [泪][泪]

[+70] You’re a walking poster [羞嗒嗒][羞嗒嗒][羞嗒嗒][羞嗒嗒]

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  • buing

    he looks 12 wtf

    • Echo

      He’s 17 ><

  • nel

    He does look super young and I presse when he wears his hair up..