Wang Qi and Xu Liang guest perform at Silence Wang’s concert

4HW: Silence Wang shows off on his concert, Xu Liang and Wang Qing show up to support their brother


Popular Chinese singer songwriter Silence Wang held his first personal concert on September 17 in Beijing with the theme of n  odyssey in space.
– The concert was decorated with the theme of space and stunned fans with its beauty
– Silence Wang performed more then 20 personal works and had surprise appearances from good friends Xu Liang and Wang Qi
– It happened to be his 27th birthday on the same day, and fans prepared surprises for him that made him cry with emotion

The entire concert was in a futuristic and high tech setting, with his team dressing him in an Alexander McQueen white tuxedo, electric blue Chinese robe, studded horse leather jacket, amongst other fascinating outfits.
– The most stunning thing was that he sang and danced for the entire concert, kicking things off strongly when he opened with rock versions of his popular songs and not stopping for a single moment afterwards

Xu Liang suddenly appeared with a big poster bed halfway through, inviting Silence Wang to get on and sing with him, and Wang Qing performed “Slowly Understanding” with Silence Wang.

Wang Qing at Silence Wang’s concert

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