The cast of L.O.R.D. sits down for an interview with Sina

Sina: L.O.R.D. cast comes visit. Wu Yifan NGs because of rolling his eyes and “Roy” Wang Yuan imitates Fu Yuanhui


Director Guo Jingming of L.O.R.D. brought cast Wu Yifan, Chen Xuedong, Aarif Rahman, “Roy” Wang Yuan, Wang Feng, and Lin Yun to the set of Sina for an in-depth interview.

The cast had a great time on set and chatted about their impressions of each other after working together on a movie. They had many great things to say about the director.
– Wu Yifan complimented that, “the director has a very rich imagination. The director had to have a lot of thoughts in order to film a (CG) movie like this. He was very definite and courageous. This is why so many actors and actresses wanted to come film it. The director gave us a feeling to come do something that no one’s ever done before.”
– Guo Jingming also had a cameo as a magical scorpion in the movie
– Aarif Rahman smiled, “The director really knew how to act, I think the scorpion didn’t fully display his potential”
– “Roy” Wang Yuan said that Guo Jingming “is really quite and very benevolent”. He paused and asked afterwards, “Is benevolent the right word?” Guo Jingming laughed that it “makes me sound like an old man”
– Chen Xuedong reflected that “this process was difficult for the director. He had to transform from a writer into a director. He was under a lot of pressure as those behind the scenes were all piling pressure on him.”
– He went on the further say that, “Guo Jingming didn’t sleep until 6am yesterday and was up to work at 9am today. I’ve seen him change from a young fresh meat this year to…”
– Guo Jingming hastened to say, “I’m still a young fresh meat” to which Chen Xuedong said, “You’re now a benevolent young, fresh meat. It’s been very difficult for him and I hope everyone judges him fairly.”

When discussing the challenges of the characters, Roy Wang Yuan immediately turned into a movie veteran.
– “It was my first time filming a movie, and this wasn’t your typical movie, so the starting point was quite high already. The third was acting skills. Because I was acting someone completely out of character for me, a man with an old heart, I had to display an elderly sort of evil.”
– Guo Jingming gave high marks for Roy’s performance, saying that he’s a “genius actor”

It was the first time that Wu Yifan had worked with Guo Jingming, and the director greatly complimented Wu Yifan’s professionalism.
– “He is a very popular and very hot celebrity, so I felt a bit of pressure. But he was always very professional on set and I never felt the hint of the aura of a star or popular celebrity from him. He was just a professional actor on set. This gave me a great sense of security.”
– Guo Jingming further revealed that Wu Yifan’s head was injured during filming and he’d had to get stitches. The stitches happened to be precisely where the helmet would lie, but Wu Yifan insisted on not using a double to finish his fight scenes

Wu Yifan actually said that rolling his eyes actually caused him to mess up the most when filming.
– “I felt particularly silly and stupid, so I would always start laughing halfway through rolling my eyes. My eyes muscles almost started cramping up.”
– He also often laughed because he had many ambiguous scenes with Chen Xuedong
– Wu Yifan had a scene in which he had to lift Chen Xuedong’s chin. He would always start laughing whenever Chen Xuedong closed his eyes, so the two actually had to act with the air at the end

Wu Yifan and Aarif Rahman had scenes in which they were half naked, but that was actually all CGI.
– Wu Yifan felt quite comfortable in the green suit he was wearing, and quite satisfied with his CGed body
– “I was quite surprised, but Aarif already has a great body so he probably wasn’t surprised. I still have room for improvement.”

Aarif actually had no lines in the movie, so this brought great difficulty to his role.
– Aarif revealed that he felt that his character was an animalistic killing machine, so he watched a lot of nature and animal channels to obtain inspiration from lions and panthers

Wang Feng mentioned that since it was his first time filming, he had no idea of many of the professional terms and phrases.
– He didn’t even know when to start acting. He once started acting when everyone was still practicing, “scaring everyone and causing an uproar at the scene.”


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  • silvermaoh

    this was really interesting, thank you ^^

  • nel

    People were stunned by Yin Chen’s beauty, understandable!

    • EXOtic_Music Lover

      Yeah. He’s so pretty. XD

  • LunaToown

    i love kris but his cgi body was so fake tho

  • Gabbar Singh

    Watched it in theatres and it was better than what I was expecting, given it’s the first attempt at such a film for China.

  • L.A_21

    Director Guo Jingming looks so smol. XD