Fang Ke rumored to have cheated on Jane Zhang, Jane Zhang cries at public event

QQ: Jane Zhang and Fang Ke appear at the same event, Jane Zhang cries emotionally


A public letter from Jane Zhang’s mother has aroused heated discussion online in the past day.
– In the letter, mother Zhang objects her daughter marrying Fang Ke and indicates that Fang Ke lied to her daughter, making her the third wheel in a relationship, and that he lives an unclean life
– She further said that Fang Ke is marrying her daughter only to control her assets, and not that he loves her

Fang Ke responded in a lengthy post on Weibo on Oct. 9 that he would love and cherish Jane Zhang for the rest of his life, and that he was transferring all his assets over to her.
– Jane Zhang appeared at a music event in Chengdu on the afternoon of Oct. 9 accompanied by Fang Ke
– She cried several times due to low emotions

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+24,080] You won’t go wrong if you listen to your elders. I fought back harder the more my elders objected back in the day, and now I only have myself to blame that I’m not living well!

[+22,651] Fang Ke looks like Wang Baoqiang’s manager Song Jie at a glance

[+11,814] Only parents will never lie to you and leave you…

[+7,489] What is this all assets prior and post marriage will be shared equally? Then Jane Zhang’s assets will be equally divided

[+6,769] Only a mother is truly good to you in this world and will expect nothing out of you. My mother didn’t approve one of my boyfriends back in the day no matter what I said. I didn’t understand back then, but am very happy I listened to my mother now that I have my own family.

[+5,032] I can only say that women are usually very single minded. When they like someone, they’ll follow him to the end no matter how dark the path becomes.

[+2,880] They’ll break up in at most three years



QQ: Fang Ke rumored to have cheated on Jane Zhang with a student, student was Jane Zhang’s fan


The fact that Jane Zhang’s mother is against her marriage has thoroughly blown up in the entertainment industry.
– Jane Zhang issued a public response that she will be taking care of her own internal affairs
– Her boyfriend of 12 years Fang Ke also said that he would transfer all his assets to Jane Zhang
– Just when the matter seemed like it would settle down, a netizen stepped out to say that Fang Ke cheated on Jane Zhang with a student, and that this student was once Jane Zhang’s fan

The netizen posted on Weibo that they personally saw Fang Ke enter and leave a hotel with the student, and that Fang Ke bought a cat for the student.
– He then attended the student’s graduation ceremony as well
– The Weibo post claims that Fang Ke wanted to fly to Da Li when Jane Zhang was performing in Hunan because the student was in Da Li, and that Fang Ke flew from Beijing to Guangzhou to celebrate her birthday

Cnetz react below: 

[+10,263] Ai, that a mother would post something like this at this time is likely to give Jane Zhang a warning as well. She’d likely rather offend her own daughter instead of seeing her unhappy! I can understand why her mother did so

[+8,588] This guy’s features aren’t too good

[+2,365] What the hell are you doing? You’re so ugly as well. You can’t get any man you want now, your poor mother is seriously worrying herself to death for a stupid daughter like you

[+2,151] What a huge show, this is the biggest drama of the year! The hell. When people get married, it’s a huge, happy affair. Jane Zhang’s wedding has become the biggest joke of the year

[+712] I’ve never liked being in a relationship with someone who’s remarried, because I have relationship OCD

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  • nel

    [+2,365] What the hell are you doing? You’re so ugly as well. You can’t get any man you want now, your poor mother is seriously worrying herself to death for a stupid daughter like you

    this person needs a chill pill