William Chan, Yang Yang, Wu Yifan, Luhan, Wallace Huo — who looks best in a white shirt?

QQ: Who’s the true god of the white shirt?


Yang Yang has used the white shirt in popular drama “Just One Smile is Very Alluring” to capture countless fans. Yang Yang’s looks are undoubted and is a reaper in a white shirt. His fresh features and resolute face make him look like the big brother next door, his fresh air make him a typical college senior. He really brings us back to our childhood memories!


Old veteran Wallace Huo wears a white shirt with a just expression on his face. King of coldly aloof, the enthusiasm of his fans remains unchanged even after marriage.


The naturally silly Luhan turns into a genteel, stylish man under the magic of the white shirt, showing off his gentlemanly side. His untamable air of a playboy makes people can’t help but to love him.


Prankster William Chan makes people’s eyes light up when he wears a white shirt. He doesn’t lose his roguish air even after cleaning up. His playboy image immediately awakens the small woman in the hearts of even the most independent woman, making them want to be his woman~


Wu Yifan is the visual no matter where he goes, and the tightly clasped white shirt gives off a few hints of temptation. He has an air of European nobility, and is one of the few who gives of the feeling of nobility in a white shirt.

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  • EXOtic_Music Lover

    It’s just Kris looks hot in white shirt.

  • Wallace <3