“A Touch of Green” sweeps the Golden Bell Awards

Yahoo News: Chris Wu feels badly for his good friend, Cheryl Wang bites back her disappointment


Taiwanese drama “A Touch of Green” took home the awards for Best Drama, Best Male Lead, Best Director, Best Rookie Actor amongst others in a six award sweep of the Golden Bell Awards on Oct. 8.
– However, Cheryl Wang had the highest calls to win Best Female Lead, but the award passed her by, leading many T-netz to riot online
– She attended the celebration banquet in the wee hours of Oct. 9 and put on a brave face, saying, “I tried my best. The preferences of the judges for each year’s awards is different and isn’t something we can determine. Not receiving the award means I still have many areas to improve upon. I will reflect and make myself better.”
– Her strong front made many people feel for her

The awards on the 8th was also Cheryl Wang boyfriend’s birthday. She shared a photo of the two celebrating together on the 7th, and an astrological sign expert said that her luck in marrying would be better than her luck in winning an award.
– When journalists asked last night if she would just get married, Cheryl smiled ruefully that she liked to perform and that these were two separate matters. Acting is an endless road and she would continue to learn in the future

Cheryl Wang is very good friends with male lead Chris Wu, making it so that Chris Wu almost had none of the joy of winning last night.
– His face was filled with dismay and unhappiness whenever Cheryl’s name was mentioned
– The two has known each other for a long time, and she said that “he is the only one who’s ever seen my weak side at work. I was thinking that if I had the chance to go on stage [and accept an award], I would thank Tien Hsin for her selflessness and loving me so much, as well as Chris Wu. I often call him to ask him that if he sees something in me that could be improved, he would have to tell me. He often comforts me in different ways and really knows what I’m thinking about.”
– It was because of this that she didn’t dare look him in the eye at the celebration banquet. “I was afraid I’d cry if I looked at him.”

Chris Wu also admitted that he didn’t dare meet Cheryl Wang’s eyes, because the two of them really are good friends and he knows of how hard she worked and tried all along.
– She’s also the only actress that made him cry during “A Touch of Green”, so he’d hoped that she would win even if they weren’t good friends
– When he didn’t hear her name last night, “I really understood what it meant for my heart to skip a beat!”
– He held his sad emotions in to the point where veins bulged on his head, and he said this was one of the greatest regrets of the night

Director Cao Ruiyuan felt mixed emotions as he was particularly sad that Cheryl Wang hadn’t won the award.
– He said that of all the actresses across Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China, there was no one else he would’ve picked to play the role

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