Alex To calls his son “King of Poop”

Weibo: Alex To’s official Weibo


In a Oct. 10 post, Alex To wrote:

You seriously poop too much! You immediately poop poop right after drinking milk, and then flash your trademark smile, melting your mom Ice and me. We then happily change your diapers, and you’ve already fallen asleep before we’ve finished wiping your butt. We don’t have the heart to get mad at you! Alright, good night my “King of Poop”, see you in two hours!  😴

Cnetz react below:

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  • Male god male god~ so friendly~[好喜欢]
  • Congratulations! Thinking back to the year in which I became your fan with one song, to the point where I’m still your fan even now
  • Super cute, you’re worked hard Alex
  • Only now is the most difficult time for a woman. The weakness after giving birth, the fatigue of taking care of a child… A child needs to be fed and changed every half hour to two hours. Thank you male god that I se you doing this even when I wake up in the middle of the night, and not the tired mom. I’m so touched. Three more months! [笑cry][笑cry] A child has no jet lag. Things will be get a lot easier after three to four months, good luck! [爱你][爱你] Best wishes to you! [心][心]
  • If it wasn’t for the marijuana matter that year, Alex To could be so much more popular. What a pity, I hope to see you come perform in China later. I’ll definitely support you! You’re the godfather of Chinese R&B
  • So warm, so happy!
  • You’ll lose fans now
  • You’re definitely the best and most handsome dad! [爱你][爱你][亲亲][亲亲]