Chinese boy idol group SWIN to debut on October 18

QQ: Swin-S members revealed for the first time, to perform with Coco Lee and Usher

Information about Chinese boy group SWIN, a product of the “Super Idol” show jointly produced by MBC Korea and TV Zone in China starting leaking earlier this month. The group will be divided into music subunit SWIN-S and film/drama subunit SWIN-E.


Members of SWIN-S were revealed today (not in corresponding order): Liu Ye, Zhao Pinlin, Yu Gengyin, Cai Xukun, He Yifan, Wu Muti.
– SWIN-S will be the opening act for the music event “Fashion Rocks” taking place in Shanghai later this month
– Coco Lee, Usher, and Charli XCX will also be performing at this world elite event
– It’s said that the organizers are looking to SWIN’s high popularity and solid training in both China and Korea, hoping that they will liven up the stage with music and dance

Ever since they were formed, SWIN has solemnly promised that they will prove themselves on basis of their talent and create positive music that is filled with China’s creativity, striving their best for c-pop!


The six members of SWIN-S represent intelligence, sunshine, responsibility, confidence, drive, and courage. In this series of healing type photos, they wear school uniforms of blue shirts and white pants that don’t cover up their high visuals and long legs. Accessories in the shape of ear studs further add a touch of a celebrity air to their bearing.


“Knight of the Storm” Liu Ye is full of charisma, “Angel of the Ocean” Zhao Pinlin has a radiant and brilliant smile, “Envoy from the Stars” Yu Gengyin has a smile full of healing, “Snow Elf” Cai Xukun is coldly handsome, “Son of the Sun” He Yifan is funny and cute, and “Prince of the Sky” Wu Muti is full of confidence.


SWIN-S returned to China yesterday and their high popularity can already be seen. Fans in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Changsha, Hefei, Wuhan and other areas all printed balloons saying “Good luck to SWIN’s debut” to support the boys.


SWIN will be considered to have officially graduated after they undergo their final test, of which one of the components is their performance with other big stars at the Fashion Rocks music event.


Yu Gengyin.


Zhao Pinlin.

Click here to read about the results of their first album, and a look at their “New World” MV!

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  • Lula

    thank youuuu for promoting the super idol boys !!
    hope they have an amazing debut !!
    and a lot of news of them here

  • hizurisama

    Swin-e had me laughing, gosh now I’m thinking about the flu

  • JustAnotherKpopper

    Yooo, I might have a new bias group😂👌🏿👀

  • Christine Wang

    Omg yes can’t wait for SWIN-E too lol and I’m so glad they let Zhao Pinlin back in the group; he has soo much potential it can’t go to waste

  • TOPfans

    I don’t understand Park Yongju who got first, did not get to debut, this is unfair, what happens???????

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