Ideal types of Yang Yang, Li Yifeng, William Chan, Luhan, Hu Ge

Hexun: Come look at the ideal types of these popular celebrities


Do you know the ideal types of the male gods in the entertainment industry?

Virgo Yang Yang reveals his ideal type:

  • Her height must be just right, not too high nor too short
  • Only puts on minimal makeup, great visual and high education background
  • He likes bravely pursuing the girl himself and loving boldly
  • Likes girls with a bit more meat on them
  • A cute personality — independent and dashing in front of others, but a small princess in front of him

Conclusion: Dearest Yang Yang, isn’t such a perfect girl Bei Weiwei in “Just One Smile is Very Alluring”? It looks like you’re still mentally in the drama!


Li Yifeng recently revealed in a press event for “Sparrow” what his ideal type would be:

  • His parents must be satisfied with his choice
  • Must be kind and filial to his family
  • Someone with a similar perspective on life and values as him
  • Understanding and empathetic towards his work
  • It’s up to personal feelings and fate for looks
  • He values the girl’s personal charisma more, and isn’t opposed to marrying a fan

Fengfeng is a Taurus alright, so practical! There are many girls with personal charisma, kind, and filial! Your fans will definitely understand your work, and as for looks, men are all visual animals… you know…


Scorpio William Chan has the simplest requirements for his ideal type, but they’re the hardest to fulfill!

His requirements are: none, all is up to fate!

But judging from his past two girlfriends, Angelababy and Ah Sa, we can more or less guess what kind of girls he likes.

In conclusion, all is up to fate, William Chan fans, do you think you look like Angelababy or Ah Sa?


Luann’s ideal type is someone who’s sweet and quiet.

  • Long hair, small mouth, and large eyes with pale skin
  • A quiet nature and can be older than him
  • She can have a strong personality
  • Must like being clean as Lay once revealed that Luhan is fastidious about cleanliness

We think that the type of girl Luhan likes can still be found on earth, good luck girls!


Wu Yifan once revealed his ideal type to be:

  • A girl like an angel
  • Very pure and innocent
  • Someone who avoids heavy makeup
  • A girl with a bit of a special personality
  • Her character must be simple, empathetic, and can understand how busy his work is
  • Kind and filial to parents, knows how to cook!

Conclusion: Fanfan, this girl likely only exists in the heavens, where would you go find her in the mortal realm?


We wrote about Hu Ge because our hearts really go out to him. His old friend Wallace Huo has already gotten married, but he’s still single!

  • Tender and womanly
  • Wifely and virtuous
  • Common interests such as photography and travel so they can go traveling together
  • A belief in fate

Hu Ge is quite humorous in real life, possessing the humor and sensitivities of a Shanghai man, and of course he seeks perfection like a Virgo. Why are you still single?

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  • nel

    i cringe every time

  • EXOtic_Music Lover

    Kris ideal type that I find ridiculous since the first time I heard it before.

  • Yu-Hsuan Chiu

    I think Hu Ge should be married by now.